There are various channels for the exchange of knowledge between public research organisations (PRO) and industry (I). This paper discusses the relative effectiveness of different channels. We use micro-data from surveys on firms and researchers to confirm that specific channels of PRO-I interactions are predominantly associated with specific types of benefits. We show that firms’ innovative capabilities and researchers’ knowledge skills interfere in the channels-benefits relationship. Therefore, the promotion of PRO-I interactions should be designed in accordance with the types of benefits being targeted and taking account of the knowledge characteristics of the actors involved in the interaction.

Autores: Valeria Arza y Claudia Vazquez

Versión enviada para su publicación en Science and Public Policy

Cita: Arza, Valeria and Vazquez, Claudia, (2010). ‘Interactions between Public Research Organisations and Industry in Argentina’, Science and Public Policy, Vol. 37, No. 7, pp. 499-512.

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